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Kat Lopez

Makeup Artist


The Glam Curvy Chica 

Services starting at $50.00                                                            


Collections starting at $395

(require a consultation)


about me.

My name is Kat Lopez Shelby and I am a local makeup artist in Midland, Texas. I started Curvy Chica because I have always loved Makeup!!! Everyday I feel so fortunate that I am in a field I am passionate about. While makeup and skincare is a huge passion of mine, I'm even more passionate about people and community. 

I believe in the value of investing in others and I strive to make every interaction with my clients, colleagues, family and friends’ one of positivity and growth. My goal with every client, no matter the occasion, is that they feel relaxed and beautiful inside and out when they step out of my makeup chair or inspired and supported when we leave a hang out or meeting. I'm a true believer in supporting others, and hard work alongside a gracious heart will get you far. I'm so thankful for anyone who has ever hired me, worked with me, supported me, or sipped a coffee with me.

 I’m always accepting new clients and I love connecting with all of you via social media.

I have done makeup for and specialize in:

  • Weddings/Bridal, engagement and boudoir makeup

  • Quinceaneras

  • Senior portraits

  • Special occasion makeup

  • Makeup consultations/lessons (this includes makeup classes)


I love teaming up with models, photographers, businesses, makeup brands, or anyone looking to learn more about makeup to create fun, inspiring, and creative looks. I love helping anyone with their day-to-day makeup concerns and needs from skincare to what brands to use and how to apply the products. Here on this site you will see some of my favorite images of my work and can contact me for any future collaborations.

Thanks for stopping by!


Kat Lopez Shelby


Gorgeous Glam
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2016-11-03 15.40.24
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2016-11-03 15.41.36
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Power of Makeup Pallet
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Tel: 432-559-1963

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